Monday, May 24, 2004

more collaboration & collage

This one is from my Grad class Forms of Poetry: Multicultural Traditions 52-5530 at Columbia College, Chicago. Same cut up method was used but I had the four students play stone/paper/scissors to determine the order of the stanzas.


By Linda Oh, K. William Hogan, C. H. Eding, and Maggie Lopez

This is for their daughters: to rid them
Of cathedrals, their unpainted ceilings
Icarus, you have stolen your feathers
Kissed me at intersections
Spray with wind if breeze blowing
And for once the stars exist in light and haven’t left
With eyes closed
Half of the North Side pamiliyas pulled sixteens was all she knew.
Deep down, scared and
Signs shattered survived
I will be happy to discuss your lesbian lifestyle plans and
Relationship goals with
Darling, that quip about your scarf was just a bit of fun

When the fax came in from Jo, it was clear she intended
Revo rrevo revom
Beat beat beat your wings against the painted shell of sky
Obnoxious and obscene annoyances: drunks, know-it-alls,
motor mouths, show-offs and
Half cracked windows. Nor is it the unfed mass, Untouchables
in a culture without caste
Of cancer at 3am: freshmen wars that hung between
ex-boyfriends, the fencing of asphalt
It’s only a shy ride more of a flout across the twigs
Set out for someplace browner. She’d abandoned
You leftist commie information we collect, how we use it
When the fax came in from Jo, it was clear she intended

I will go now to a seven place
drop my rage into a newborn grace
This soft
Sharks bringing grew black shadows shards
Her unfurling in clumps
Rear of my Cutlass Ciera
The prairie spills from the tips of wings
Sharks bringing together grew black shadows shards
This lesbian audit does not reflect lesbian affairs in which you are
But then I’d brag and trip myself; feeling heady, net fewer
Question: What do I jive for?

I’ve always been a Gemini
But she let me go
And suddenly I’m all right again, jivin’, to a beat I can keep
Up he flees and gets away. Sites hilly net fewer
He hopes to put you back together
Distended with proxy and lint
Three is composed with this land was dead all goo guns and
Among the nail polish and the reading glasses. So long gals!
Never wished for them to stop