Tuesday, March 22, 2005


@SFPL, originally uploaded by carbonator.

The San Francisco Public Library reading was truly an event to remember. L-R: Nick read his Andalucia inspired poems and presented a visual poem complete with cock rings, Patrick Rosal read his awesome poems and pleasured us with renditions of his sensuous and sonorous new poems, Anthem Salgado recited his riveting verses, Luis Francia was at the top of his vatic powers captivating us with his precise images, Estella Manila was a perfect host, (Estella's friend), and with the Charlie's Angel's kneeling pose is Barbara Jane Reyes who was the true inspiration for this West Coast tour who put it all together for us. Many salamats to Barbara!

anthem & luis

anthem & luis, originally uploaded by carbonator.

the young and powerful poet Anthem Salgado looks over the shoulder of Luis Francia who is taking to the wonderful host librarian Estela Manila of the Filipino Room collections in the San Francisco Public Library main branch. many thanks to her for helping the event happen and taking care to archive our literature which is not "emerging" anymore but here with all trumpets blowing.

grupo plus hippie in the middle

after the energizing and informative panel the poetry all-stars ate at a great Ethiopian restaurant called the Blue Nile. L-R: Patrick, Luis, (random hippie dude), Nick, Barbara, and Michelle. taking photo was Rhett.

michelle&barb at the feet of the sage

Luis Francia our socratic sage imparting his wise words

the left(ist) berkeley folk

the left(ist) berkeley folk, originally uploaded by carbonator.

the left side of the aisle and there's the intrepid Jean Vengua giving a sideways glance

the berkely audience

the berkely audience, originally uploaded by carbonator.

the right side of the aisle asked some cool questions during the q&a. very eager for info on all things about poetry and flips and pinoy lit.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

a prose poem I was supposed to send to Peter Johnson but never got around to sending off


My name is Kanlaon and I used to live under the Mayon Volcano in Albay province in the Philippines. All I asked was a week of merriment and drinking from the people who lived in the villages at the base of the volcano. For hundreds of generations I had been known as the terrible god of destruction who would pelt burning boulders and flood hot lahar toward the offending communities if the residents did not celebrate me and my name at least once a year after the end of the rainy season. Now I am stuck here in this retirement home in Miami with all these senior citizens complaining about the lack of adequate medical coverage. There is Mildred with her stuffed toy basset hound which she feeds milk to every morning with an eyedropper. There is Howard, the former UPS delivery guy who refuses to lift anything, even himself from whatever chair he is sitting on. The white-robed staff are hardly gentle, more often, they like to astound us with their capacity for harm. Do you think Ally over there in the wheel chair got that four inch gash on her forehead because she fell out of her bed the other night? If only I could have my superhuman powers back, I could have a cauldron of lava waiting for each one of those idiots at the end of their work day. But this is my punishment for sneaking into the Greek books and seducing one of those nubile water nymphs. How was I supposed to know she was one of Zeus daughters? Why do these Euro-centric Gods always have the power to control all the narratives? Of all the places to become mortal again and die, why here in Miami?

Friday, March 04, 2005

rogers pic of vispo exhibit

rogers pic, originally uploaded by carbonator.

My secret asian agent for the Northeastern US who is known as Roger was able to infiltrate the opening reception of the Visual Poetry "Infinity" exhibit at Harvard Univ. I have two visual pieces, Denise has one, and our friend Shin Yu Pai has two pieces at the show. Thanks to Roger for the pics taken from his hidden camera and for the report of the events available at his awesome blog. Here.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

water damage all the way to the other side of livingroom

3 inches of sewer water, luckily we moved enough furniture and bottom rung of books away from water. notice the nice stack of blue flowered boxes on the coffee table on the right--which is Eileen Tabios' latest vispo response for our collaboration. save the books first, then save the ART!

it's now a waterfalls of stinky sewage water! 5:35-onwards

notice the bucket on the left which was used in vain to try and empty out the sewage water, running back and forth from the sink to the toilet. hah!

sewer water starts to overflow 5:30pm

those domestic disasters you're never prepared for

the repeating back-up problem rears its ugly and foul smelling head again at 4:58pm. this time it does not seem to go back down as it had 40 times before. hmmm, called building maintenance but they had already gone home.