Monday, May 02, 2005

carbonator blog among those top blogs featured in Poetry Magazine's exclusive web content!

Thanks to Daisy Fried and Poetry Magazine for focusing on "Poetry on the Web" and mentioning our blogs. Ron Silliman,, C. Dale Young, Ange Mlinko & Magdalena Zurawski, Nick Carbo (ahem!), and Jim Berhle. Here's a teaser:

"Poems Online: Blogs
Poets also talk to each other, or at least hear each other talk, via weblogs. The love of poetry, writing about it, self-promo, procrastinating in order not to write poetry, or at least of getting attention any old way you can, has prompted hundreds of poets to blog. Leaving to sociologists the question of why so many would write so much prose for no pay, or keep diaries in public, I'll admit there's entertainment and some learning to be had visiting po-blog-world—and a danger of feeling like you're in a corner looking at the wall while the rest of the world happens without you."

And read essay here.