Saturday, December 10, 2005

last wednesday

1denise&tom, originally uploaded by carbonator.

we woke up early to get breakfast at the corner diner before we took the E train to La Guardia Community College where our friend Thomas Fink (his latest book of poems is After Taxes) arranged a reading for us. A kind happy host is Tom and he showed us his latest painting series which he has displayed around his office in the english dept. Very good gray black & white palette with some of the shapes he uses recurring in his shaped poems that he is sending out to poetry magazines. our reading went great and we then went out to a wonderful korean restaurant on 40th st where i ordered a real bibinbab dish served with a popping-hot earthenware bowl with a raw egg ontop. later that night denise went over to her friend kathy lawrence's apt for the famous Bitch & Whine party (no men allowed), just literary women bitchin' and drinking lots of wine. i chose to go meet my filipino peeps at a fabulous thai eatery called Pam's Real Thai Kitchen located in hell's kitchen. who did i see and have chismis over coffee with at the tea pot? none other than the ab fab gina apostol (author of the awesome novel Bibliolepsy) and the legend himself, eric gamalinda (author of Zero Gravity, and many novels). eric has a new book of poems coming out from wordtech press late next year. and what chismis did we make? only the coffee knows!