Thursday, October 27, 2005


motelpoolawning, originally uploaded by carbonator.

you know, it's one thing to complain about the government's abyssmal non-response to hurricane Katrina but when the disaster happens to you personally, the complaints really take on another dimension. so, we survived hurricane Wilma and south florida took a royal beating. i want to thank fellow bloggers like Jean, Ivy, and Paolo who asked how we did during the hurricane. FEMA is still messing up while some people are dying out there. our governor jeb bush is blaming local officials for not preparing enough and he also has the gall to say that individuals should carry part of the blame for not stocking up adequate supplies. i know of several 90 year-old seniors who bought just one jug of bottled water and two loaves of bread because that's all they could carry up the three flights of stairs of their apt buildings. there are so many people that live below the poverty line who could not afford to buy four cans of SPAM, a flash light, and bottled water because they had to fill up their cars with overly high-priced gas. there is no electricity, no FEMA, no gas, no hope. again, the poor, the seniors, and the most in need during a disaster are not being helped by their federal government.