Monday, September 26, 2005

what we did last week

Denise and I did a reading at the cozy 12th Street Books in Austin, TX, last thursday 9/22/05. That was after we gave a talk and a reading at U.T. Austin in John Dufresne's MFA grad writing seminar on Wed. A participant in that fun class takes note in this post which is on another topic. We had fun talking with these grad students who were engaging and genuinely interested in our poems, process, and writing life. Muchas gracias to John & Cindy for a rewarding visit.

On the topic of ISM, International School Manila: I was there from grade 2 through 12 and graduated in 1984. If you look in the '84 Kawayan (yearbook), my senior pic is there and in the tennis team group pic where I'm wearing my infamous t-shirt with the word MARIJUANA right on the front. Check it out! I was a bad boy in high school and was a frequent visitor to the detention room. No wonder I'm a poet.