Monday, September 26, 2005

new visual poem made with pics of letters

Obrick NaHUumIPink DHa\Blue I30 cutler / / yogahTLiPeeling KNature\TH on RoadiIMG_2086shackletoniGSHollywood BOWLN as in NORMtHEeOne Letter / FIGTNostalgiques Epoxy letter Rsparkle-eE & ivyPu\The SylviaHSeaLand AkuntitledThEIiRBtile lLTrain Logo CircleeIMG_2086aNDLetter LUniversal ehU30 cutler / / yoga\HTHEiROne Letter / WAInToAPUDetail \untitledLERIPNatureNEIMG_2086service1TthEF2A is for teamRMRed E againPink RSYO_01Southern Pacific UNuntitledlooking downIFfeDOwuntitledTHollywood HEGive me a ...Ice Ice BabyNostalgiques Epoxy letter RTROADgrafitti sEl \AmosaicPUAMoSQULetter ItmosaicOO 0det_012HEgimme anLit Shankli\det_013KRust-Esquared cappuchino dTscrabble hIGneon H