Thursday, April 07, 2005

what does it mean when your local celebrity chef rejects your avant-garde poem?

So, Chef Jan Jorgensen has rejected my visual poem for inclusion in his restaurant menu for the Now Taste This events in Miami. Hey, I've been rejected by the Paris Review and the New Yorker many times but this is truly a mark of distinction to have your poem rejected by your local celebrity chef.

(below, the email from the project & fund-raising coordinator)
Hi Nick --

I'm sorry to tell you that Two Chefs has decided not to participate in the Now Taste This program after all. From my conversation with him, I think Jan Jorgensen was expecting, based on his participation the first time around with John Balaban, a more traditional poem that described both the dishes and the dining experience, something the patrons could readily grasp, and he felt that your visual poem was a bit too avant-garde for them. This is in no way a comment on your talent or right to use poetic license, and he is still supporting the program by handing out flyers and check stuffers. I am sorry that this turned out to be more of a misfit than a match and hope that you too will continue to support Now Taste This, as I would like to keep the poem for the anthology and would love to see you at the April 26 reading if you are in town.

Again, my apologies.

Best wishes,

Hey, Denise & I got a free meal from him. That's reward enough for me.