Tuesday, February 17, 2004

the fun begins

these questions are not as sophisticated as Beth's but they show a certain enthusiasm
Leslie Chan

Dear Mr. Carbo

I am currently a student at University of California, Santa Barbara studying Asian American poetry. Me and my group have decided to study your works upon "Secret Asian Man." While analyzing your works, me and my group have encountered much difficulty understanding your works. We are curious about certain ideas you have used upon your works. Here are a few questions we would like to ask you:

1) Who is Ang Tanay? Is he a student you taught poetry to? Why dos he play an important and major role in this book?

2) What is the main goal you are trying to pass onto your readers according to the AOL Chat?

3) What influenced you to write about the Little Brown Brother? Does this have a link to your work in "Secret Asian Man?" Are you trying to depict an Asian American superhero?

4) We currently searched for personal biographical information about you
including your blog Carbonator and Secret Asian Man. We want to know more about you such as...what influenced you to write such interesting works? Why are there so many different styles and structures you apply to your works? Who is Sally and other types of important people in your book? Are you trying to depict/represent any type of filipino culture in this book?

5) Why do most of your works contain sexual content?

I hope you can get back to me ASAP. Have you good night and thanks for all your help! We had a lot of fun researching all of your works!

-Leslie Chan