Sunday, January 25, 2004

so the pain is a stain

Last friday I had my lower left wisdom tooth wound looked at again to see if the current jaw infection was not caused by the previous extraction that was done in October. Well, the wound looked perfectly healed and the surgery was not necessary afterall. Why go through all this pain again? I hate dentists, jaw surgeons, ondodontists, the whole lot of them!

On a more pleasant note, Dorianne left early yesterday morning but I was not able to see her off because I was drugged out and in bed trying to recover from oral surgery. Denise drove her to the airport. I'm still on a liquid diet for now. Nausea, dizzyness, fuzzy logic. Short sentences. Hmmm.

I see that I still have to sign my MELUS contract for my piece with Evelina Galang. Melus, shmelus. Only now they care to focus attention on Filipino American literature. Where were they in the 80's and 90's when we were publishing like crazy with Jessica Hagedorn, Ben Santos, and Ninotchka Rosca? So, MELUS volume 29, Issue 1 (Spring 2004) is slated as the Special Filipino American Literature issue. Melus come lately.