Thursday, January 15, 2004

Here's some interviewer questions I got recently:

Hello Mr. C_______:

I apologize for not contacting you sooner. Please forgive me. I was terrified how to start and you definitely helped me remember to have fun and relax. Thank you. Ok- here goes.

2) Muppet Show- Which character was your favorite in the Muppet Show and why?
4) What are your favorite musical influences?
5) If you could be one of the Beatles, which Beatle would you be? (As in George, Ringo, Paul, or John...not beetle like animal- unless there's a beetle you happen to like.)
6)How did you and the prolific poetess, DD meet?
7) What is it like to live with another poet and how do you do it?
8) What interview question have you been asked that you like the least? (So I don't ask you that one)
9) What is your favorite interview question?

Ok- I have more questions, but wanted to get a chance to respond to some of your answers too. Is that ok?

Thank you again for making time.
Most gratefully,