Thursday, January 15, 2004

First log.

"That time of year." Don't you hate it when those people you hardly know send you an email asking you to write them reference letters for artists colonies one or two days before the deadline? Well, January 15th is "that time of year" for Yaddo and MacDowell and some other colonies and this sap whom I've written a couple of letters for in the past takes this ungrateful tone just expecting that I'll do this letter and tells me to hurry it off because it's "that time of year" again. What gall s/he has, what monkey eating gall to expect me to go ahead and tell the admissions committee that s/he is "well suited for the artistic community because of her/his lovely temperament."

It's time to tell him/her that s/he should look for a new reference from now on. But wait, maybe, I will wait until the 17th or 18th to let him/her know.