Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Beth again!

Hope you had a great relaxing long weekend. I read your recent blog zone. I feel like a complete geek as I know nothing about blogging. Now I have been launched into a mysterious alternate plane and will not rest until I know more. I can recite VH1's eighties flashback by heart so I guess I need to spend more time in cyberspace.
But first-
Going back to a few previous questions for clarity:

Regarding question 13) What did you like most about states and what did you like least?
Sorry to hear about the diabetes. I too have had to give up sugar and it sucked for a long time. And why does the sugar industry come up with new really cool junk food after I give up the stuff? Like - the Oreo Uh- Oh's or White Chocolate Reece's cups- although that doesn't sound so appealing when I think about it.
Anyway, you never mentioned what you liked least about the states. Was there anything you disliked and if so, what?
Back to question 16) regarding blogging. What is blogging for those that only know how to use their word processing programs on their computers? Whyis it freeing? Why do you think it is or will be a new genre of literary cyberspace?
Also, do you think neutrinos effect the blogging experience? If so what kind? Electron, Muon, or Tau?
New question- If you could be a neutrino which kind would you be and why? And with this secret power to fall through anything what would you most like to fall through?
Regarding question 19) I understand "El Grupo McDonald's" is a poem in El Grupo McDonald's , but why do titles for books seem to always come from a poem in a book? Is it tradition, a rule, or just easier?
Question 21)
What authors are you currently reading?
22) Who are your favorite three authors and why?
23) If you could go back in time and talk to an author ( who is now deceased) who would that be and what would you ask him/her?
24) Do you think good poems have phermones?
25) With regard to blogging again: If Mr. Bean had a blog site what would an entry look like?
25) I saw that you have a new book book coming out: Andalusian Dawn.
When is it coming out? Can we please see a poem from it yet?
26) Where is your favorite Sushi and Thai place to eat in Miami? (ok- Ihappen to love sushi and Thai food, but am still on the look out for a great place. The only Thai restaurant I really like is in Pinecrest. I now live in North Miami, so I am looking. Any suggestions? )
27) Where did the term Blog originate?
28) Do you prefer Mac or PC? Why?
29) If you could be a jellybean (sugar free of course) what flavor jellybean would you be and why?
30) Do you believe prosody is necessary to the novice writer and why? Which book on prosody to like the most?
31) How do you feel about the prose poem?
32) What are three words you least like to see in a poem?
33) What are three words you have never used, but would like to use in a poem?
34) I like how you use tagalog, spanish, and english in poems simultaneously. Do you also translate poets? Are there poets that only write in tagalog that you would like to translate? If so, who would you like to translate?
Ok- there's a few questions for now. I so enjoy this and appreciate your time Mr. Carbo. Thank you.

Beth Miller